Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I put a smile on my face...but I'll never forget what you did.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Here's what I have to say, and I'll say it before I leave.

Yes, I have been hurt. But everyone makes mistakes. I've forgiven you a long time ago. Don't worry about our friendship, I'm still willing to keep it.

Lastly, you're still family. You're too important to me to just be forgotten like that due to some failed relationship.

I still love you, Yen. But as a friend. Nothing else. No matter what happens, we'll not turn back, alright? *hugs* So cheer up.

PS. I'll try and sneak a cigar for you. NO PROMISES THOUGH ><

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Loh Yen Wei

Yen, please. I know the past is the past already. And its been months now. I know we have both done too much damages to one another and I have already accepted the fact that we are not meant to be.

The purpose of this blog post is to clarify some things.

Firstly, yeah. I got a little upset about the twitter updates between you and Suz. But that was merely a misunderstanding. She did clarify things with me through sms, but I never replied her the 2nd time because my credits ran out. I just replied her today aftet topping up tho.

And please. My self-pitying sorry ass? How are you so sure Yen? How are you so sure that I have not gotten over the past, and grow into a stronger person? Yes, I have been hurt. I have been depressed. But that was all in the past now. I find my own happiness now. Honestly, I don't care. Right now, my life is too filled with assignments and many opportunities (In school) to worry about these. I have an international design competition coming up. I have no time for childish acts and games anymore like last time. Do whatever you want with each other. You DO realize whatever you two do, I have no right and is unable to stop you because its your choice in the end? So really, you don't have to explain yourselves.

Last but not least. I really do apologize if you seem to think that I annoy you over 4000km (I find that really funny haha) Well, I have already explained things clearly here. And I really wish you'd take back the me being a self-pitying ass bitch part. It really isn't nice. And awesome people wouldn't say low-standard stuffs like that.

PS. Have a great life there. and I wish you all the best. (:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I...have moved.

Find me on FB to ask for my new URL.
I couldn't be bothered to let everyone on my link list to know about it. So, I'll only inform a few people that bothers. Peace out.

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 12th. Our anniversary

OKAY. So Yen agreed to take me to the beach where we could sit and spend time together.

So…Irma make ONIGIRI!!
…I invited Tania along as well. Hee!


…it was a huge mess everywhere.


Made some for the kids (As in, my nephew and nieces! LOLOLOLOL)


These are for Yen. (: Too bad I couldn’t find tomatoes and cabbages to turn it into an ultra cute bento like the ones in manga. Meh. (=3=)


At the beach…





Its been a year now. You are my greatest joy. And I’ve learnt to love every single part of you.
Happy anniversary,babe. Although…this is where everything ends.

We’ve had good times. Thank you for everything.





Sunday, April 10, 2011

With him, I was happy.


  Yen ,this is a post dedicated to you. I have NO idea when you’ll see this though.

168253_10150342762240261_547710260_16447111_7351541_n DSC01249 DSC01253

♥ He Piggy backed me a bus stop away once for a beer.


♥ Preparing for his birthday dinner with his fam. I bought him a dark grey T-shirt.

  DSC00623 DSC00540

♥ Took care of me when I got drunk on my birthday.

 DSC00143 c4

Had fun with on our way back to Singapore. =)

 DSC00533 DSC01015

♥ Brought my torn Eeyore back to life. I even drew him for my DRAWING ESSENTIALS Assignment.

DSC00937 DSC00966 DSC03895 DSC03906

The Doughnut Place.♥

DSC09582 DSC09583

♥ Playing around with his awesome gloves.

 DSC01228 IMG048

♥ Bought me a Diary from Cats Socrates.


I cried on my way back today. On the train. I saw ourselves playing around, laughing, teasing one another, Arguing, giving each other faces.

Even though God gave us only a short eight months together,it was enough. He brought us together again. Praise God. I thank God for this wonderful time with ♥

This guy taught me pool. This guy made me smile again. This guy brought back my confidence. This guy taught me how to stand my ground.Lastly..This Guy taught me how to love again. And this guy, is going away to half the world across to study.

I love you,baby. Wherever you are.